Does the bat need help?

First, you need to assess if the bat actually needs your help.

A bat needs help if:

  • it is in an exposed location during the day
  • it does not fly away with ease when approached
  • it is obviously injured
  • it is trapped somewhere or stuck to something
  • it has been caught by a dog or cat
  • it is on the ground
  • it is a baby out in an exposed place

How do I contain a bat?

Note: ALWAYS wear gloves when handling bats. The Rabies virus has been found in bats in the UK. It is best to try scoop the bat up without touching it.

The best instructions on how to contain a bat can be found on the Bat Conservation Trust website, here.

The bat is contained. Now what do I do?

If you are in Aberdeen / Aberdeenshire, you can contact us.

If you are not in Aberdeen / Aberdeenshire, contact the National Bat Helpline on 0345 1300 228.